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HPConnect example

HPConnect has a simple user interface. On the left, a table shows the contents of the current directory on the HP. (The name of the current directory appears in the title bar of the window.) On the right is a panel of command buttons. At the bottom of the command panel a busy/progress indicator appears when data is transferring between the Mac and HP and on the bottom center is a text message displaying the number of bytes free on the HP. That's it!

The directory table is your main view from your Mac into your HP. Whatever is contained in the current directory on your HP will be displayed here. To operate on a particular object in the directory, click on the object's name then click the appropriate command button on the right side of the window.

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Normal operation of HPConnect is through the buttons on the right hand side of the window. In order, they are:

Connect/Refresh Button: Connect to the HP or redisplay the directory.
When you first start HPConnect, this button will say "Connect" and pressing it establishes a connection with the HP. Once you've connected to the HP, the label switches to "Refresh". Occasionaly you may want to reload the directory display on HPConnect because the calculator is no longer in the same directory HPConnect thinks it is. Believe it or not, it is possible to start HPConnect, transfer files, cancel XSERV on the HP, operate the calculator then restart XSERV without restarting HPConnect. As long as you do not unplug the USB cable this will work without problem - but HPConnect will no longer have the correct directory list on screen. In that situation, click Refresh to reload the directory list.

Home: Go to the home directory.
Commands the HP to go to the HOME directory. This command has no effect if the HP is already there.

Updir: Go to the parent directory.
Commands the HP to go to the parent of the current directory. This command has no effect if the HP is already displaying the HOME directory.

Chdir: Change Directory.
Commands the HP to switch to selected directory. Has no effect if the selected object isn't a directory or if no object is selected. (Note: HPConnect always displays the current HP directory in its title bar.)

Get: Copy from the HP to the Mac.
Copies the selected object from the calculator to the Mac. Any object can be copied and will be saved as a single file on the Mac.

Put: Copy from the Mac to the HP.
When you click this button, HPConnect will prompt you to select the Mac file you wish to copy to the HP. Any file can be copied and will be saved as a single object on the Mac.

Purge: Delete the selected HP object.
Deletes the selected object from the calculator. Any object can be deleted this way, but be careful - this operation cannot be undone.

Binary/ASCII: Select file transfer mode.
By default, HPConnect will transfer files in binary mode - bit for bit copies with no translation. If, however, ASCII mode is selected, files retrieved from the HP will be converted to text files while files sent to the HP will be considered text files and compiled into binary objects upon receipt.
NOTE: See the section on ASCII transfers for details on how ASCII transfers work and what problems can occur when doing ASCII transfers.

You can also double-click on an object name in the HPConnect window. Double-clicking on a directory has the same effect as clicking on it then pressing the Chdir button. Double-clicking on any other object is the same as clicking on it then pressing the Get button.

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