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These following commands are not needed as often as the ones described previously but they are available if you need them.

File Menu->Reconnect: Attempt to restore the USB connection to the HP.
This command resets the Mac's USB connection with the HP calculator, which can occasionally be useful for recovering from communication errors.

File Menu->Console: Show or hide the HPConnect console drawer.
The console drawer displays additional status information about the operation of HPConnect and, if an error occurs, it may contain extra information about the problem.

Special Menu->Backup Calculator: Backup the calculator.
This command changes to the HOME directory on the calculator then saves every sub-directory under it as a binary file. It does not backup libraries or settings at this time.
By backing up the HP's files and directories one at a time, HPConnect lets you choose which files you want to restore to the HP later. (This is done with the PUT button.) In addition, you can write multiple backups to the same directory; older files will be overwritten by newer versions with the same name, and new files will be added alongside the old ones.

Special Menu->Order Directory: Sort the current directory.
This sorts the entries in the current HP directory in alphabetical order.

Help Menu->Debug Mode: Toggle Debug Mode.
Debug Mode causes a large amount of data to be logged to the HPConnect console, which is useful for solving problems, or just satisfying your curiousity.

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